The Armored Group is known mostly for SWAT vehicles but they also make super safe armored trucks. They can design armored trucks in any variation that a customer can come up with. With the ultimate skilled designers in the industry your truck will be a masterpiece.

   Besides manufacturing and selling armored vehicles in the United States the Armored Group has sales and distribution overseas. This is handy so people from all countries can drive the best armored cars in the world.

There is more to The Armored Group than just armored trucks and SWAT vehicles. They make special military vehicles, luxury armored cars, and also money transit vehicles.  Transferring money is a very risky job, with an armored vehicle from The Armored Group the company can rest a sure that everything will be delivered on time. The modern technics they use make for the safest and most reliable armored vehicles on the road today. With the dangers going on in the world these days there is a grown need for having armored vehicles. More information.

 Armored Group   5221 North Saddlerock Drive Phoenix AZ 85018   1-602-8402271

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